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4" Searay Beige Marine
Vinyl Pleats Original
1998 and up.

These feature the heat
sealed seam with the double
stitched pattern as seen on
some years. We sell by the
yard 54" x 36"
Many original colors and
patterns of vinyl available for
seating. We also have the 1"
pleats. Matching Hydem and
Foam back materials
for replacement inserts. Send
us your seating skins.
We can remake them for you.
Searay nickel and gold foam
back material.
Naugahyde Marine Vinyl to
match most seating. If you
cannot find what you are
looking for send us a sample to

Sold by the yard or in bulk, Call
for shipping quote and details.
Pewter and metallic
pewter foam back
marine vinyl.
Oxen Pewter Metallic

Limited quantity's
VINYL 1/4"Foam Back
Searay Hulliner Part Number
1747515 Riverview
ON SALE NOW per yard
54" wide material.
Allante Champagne 1/4"
Foam back

Allante Lt. Neutral --
Allante Grande Flax --
Allante White Sand 1/2" Foam
1/4" foam back
SEARAY #1144179
Available in flat vinyl also.
1/2" foam
backed marine vinyl
Lt. Grey Vinyl1/2" foam
back sound deadener
material. Engine
compartment. High density
black foam
OR 1(888) 262-8867
LOCALLY AT 1(860) 283-8055
Looking for Formula boat materials? Click HERE
Hunter Green tweed, Aqua green,
Hemlock Tweed, and Charcoal
Tweed SEAMARK per yard.
(vinyl coated sunbrella)
black lined canvas material
Discontinued colors.
Call for availability.
O.E.M. White sierra mist vinyl Searay for
seating (a fine grain vinyl)
O.E.M. White dura mist vinyl Searay for
seating (a course grain vinyl)
Acceptance Mark
We have this material that is made for hull liner/
ONLY per yard.
Used in the industry.

We also have both colors in 1/4" and 1/16" foam back.

1/16" Arctic
1/4" Arctic
1/16" Sandstone
1/4 Sandstone

Inventory subject to change based on availability. Get
it  while supplies last.
Mildew resistant, original equipment, marine quality.
We Have Replacement
Zippers For Your Searay
Canvas. Replace Your Old
Broken small Zippers With
Larger #10 YKK Brand
Zipper Available In Searay
Beige! Also #10 Coil
Available in Beige For Your
"U" Zippers.
We have original equipment
Searay seating vinyl to 270.
With the metallic Nickel
#1778341 in stock for
immediate delivery.
Order while quantities last!

# 1619626 welt
NOW!  Available for
replacement piping on seat
skins. Limited quantity
discontinued part #