Bristol Upholstery Specials!
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New Ultraleather
Promessa Linen now
on sale 10 yards at
wholesale price just
$200.00!  LIMITED
SUPPLY! More then 10
yards at $20 per yard!

Shipping not included.
Ultra leather Hammered
Doe available in 1/16th
tricot and foam backed,1/4
inch foam backed, and flat
now at wholesale price just
$12.00 per yard. (36x54)

Great for any application
you see fit, great for but
not limited too,
headliners, hull liners, wall
coverings, seats,
sofas,chairs etc!

Ultra leather is one of the
most highly rated
manufactures of materials
in the world. With a wide
variety of materials,
extremely durable and

Shipping not included
1/4 Foam backed vinyl in
Orchard Purple and
Turbo Purple  10 yards,
now just $120.00, or
$12.00 per yard
Great Original Formula
material to spruce up
any boat interior or
exterior seating or wall
coverings. NOT Limited
to marine use, could be
used in practically any
application you see fit!

Shipping not included.
Majilite Cream Raindrop
Cachet available in
1/16th tricot and foam
backed and 1/4 foam
backed. Order of 10
yards priced at just
$120.00(12.00 per yard).
Orders over 10 yards
add $12.00 per yard.
Shipping not included.
*Orchard purple is the
lighter shade*